About the project

The objective of the

„Extending IT competences in the pre-university education –

efficient use of IT laboratoriesproject is

professional development of human resources in the education system,

by acquiring modern competences, adapted to the current context

of information society and labor market requirements.

The context for project's development is:

❖ outlined by the innovative trends  in the lifelong education system

❖ flexibility and structural diversity of training programs

❖ generalization of the transferable credentials system in accordance with national and European standards

❖ use of interactive training strategies, student-centered and results-oriented


The project targets teaching personnel and support staff from high schools and it meets a strong need of the Romanian education system: establishing an efficient learning environment in view of easing to the access to quality education and key professional skills to facilitate integration on the labor market.


Thus, theproject provides the target group:

-      -opportunity to acquire professional skills in a new activity, namely computer network administrator, in an expanding area on the labor market and important for the knowledge-based society

-       - opportunity to supplement the school schedule and not leave the education system

        - opportunity to get integrated into a fair social system.


The training program suggested in the project is divided into two parts, each of them including two modules.


The first course will be attended by more then 4,200 members of the target group – respectively the teaching personnel and the support staff in the pre-university education system -, while the second course will be attended by 84 participants selected of the ones certified after having attended Course I.


The 84-member team of the teaching personnel and the support staff will be taken over by the structures of the education system, subsequently activating as key resources at county level, in view of managing and maintaining IT laboratories and providing technical support.


The first course will offer course takers a number of 25 transferrable professional credentials, while the second course will offer 15 transferrable professional credentials.

Training activitieswill be carried out both directly and by using software applications developed in the project


The Agency for the Management of the National Computer Network for Education and Research (administrator and developer of the RoEduNet network, which provides data communications services for all levels of research and academic institutions in Romania and member of the GEANT consortium, network that interconnects all research and education networks in the European Union countries) started from September 1, 2010, implementation of the project " Extending IT competences in the pre-university education –

efficient use of IT laboratories ".


Project's funding is provided from the funds of the European Social Fund through the Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007–2013 (SOP HRD), by the financing contract POSDRU/87/1.3/S/62260, and it is part of the Priority Axis 1, Key Area of Intervention 1.3 " Development of human resources in education and professional training ".


The project will last for a three-year period, being implemented by Agency for the Management of the National Computer Network for Education and Research in partnership with:


❖ SC SIVECO Romania SA

❖ SC Europrojects Experts Group SRL


The partnership has been developed based on project's activities, being selected the organizations that have expertise, experience and resources necessary to achieve project's objectives in the best conditions.


The project meets the specific requirements of the sustainable development and, implicitly, the requirements of policies and strategies set at European level on lifelong teacher training and accountability to future generations.